The AIDS movement and Universal Health Coverage

Jim Kim, President of the World Bank continues his campaign pushing for the movement for universal health coverage, linking this push for this movement to the lessons learned from the AIDS treatment movement:

“People were angry that we were talking about treating people with HIV/AIDS,” he said. “It’s as if people were saying that if it were possible to do, we would have done it already.”

He hears the same criticisms about his more recent cause: universal health coverage for all.

The successes and lessons from the global AIDS movement, he said, at a Center for Strategic and International Studies event launching a reporton global action toward universal health coverage, can be used to realize the ambition of affordable and equitable health care for the world’s poorest.

With 150 million people forced into catastrophic poverty each year by health care costs, the establishment of universal health coverage, is economically as well as morally essential, Kim said. “Global health investments are imperative for poverty reduction,” he said. “Better investments in health can result in a 9-to-24 time return in full income.”

Building off of the research summarized by the Global Health 2023 commission, Jim Kim, Bill Gates, and Linah Mohohlo will be making the economic case for universal health coverage at The World Economic Forum at the end of January. 

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