Relaunching for 2016

It’s been a very long time (more than two years!) since I’ve spent time writing / working on this website, and I’ve decided that this is as good of a time as any to start to do some more writing and reflection. Specifically, there are a couple of new opportunities that I’m excited to engage in a bit of a broader dialogue around.

First, I’ll be co-teaching a class this spring (starts Thursday!) at Tufts University titled “The Right to Health: Problems, Perspectives, and Progress”. Take a look at the syllabus here. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience from the course and trying to process what I learn along the way. I’m certain that I’ll learn as much, and probably much more, than the students.

Second, I’ll be working as a research assistant with the upcoming Lancet Commission on Reframing NCDs and Injuries for the Poorest Billion. Through the history and advocacy working group, we hope to:

  1. Clearly define a social theoretical framework through which to analyze and interpret the history and current position of the NCDI poverty field
  2. Develop a historical perspective on the construction of the NCDs as a field of strategic action
  3. Situate the NCDI poverty field in the current mix of competing global health priorities, frames, and initiatives
  4. Shape the strategy for the Commission’s key messages and audiences

And finally, of course, I’ll continue to work alongside the PIH Engage team as it continues to grow and build the capacity for grassroots advocacy and fundraising within Partners In Health.

So, I’ve got lots of moving pieces and exciting endeavors and I hope that this can be a useful forum to continue to push forward my own thinking on global health, social movements, and social theory.