Joining Boston University’s Ph.D. program in sociology this fall!


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be starting my Ph.D. in sociology at Boston University this fall! I’m hoping to take my experiences working with global health organizations and building grassroots campaigns and utilize the tools of empirical sociology to understand the emergence of a right to health movement. My goal is to use this study to learn something about how global health has changed over the last couple of decades, but also (and more importantly) how we can hasten change in the decades to come.

Specifically, I’ll hopefully have the chance to work closely with Prof. Joseph Harris who has spent significant time living and working in Thailand to study the movement and political process that led to the creation of a highly successful universal health coverage system in that country. I’m also looking forward to working with scholars interested in field theory and Bourdieu and hopefully getting to contribute to the Political Power and Social Theory journal, which is based out of BU.

I’m excited for this next step in my career and in this work!